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Allardyce Plans To Utilize Rooney Sparingly For Large Games

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Yet of those half-dozen strikers to have attained that ancient goal, one hasn't really been playing as a striker this season. Neither has he been doing, like all the others, for a club in the Champions League elite. Everton has been at the opposite end of the table the majority of the time and until a couple center-forward weeks back were flirting with relegation, though like to prove you can't keep a good guy down Wayne Rooney joined the club with his 10th league goal of the season against Swansea on Monday.

Most people believed the former Manchester United striker was completed, or at least that he had given his best years and shape to Old Trafford. Few could understand why Everton wanted him back, particularly if Ronald Koeman proceeded to bring Gylfi Sigurdsson into the club. For some time it appeared Everton couldn't work out their very best team, certainly their very best frontline, and Koeman finally paid the price. It now appears Everton could have acted somewhat hastily, not in sacking Koeman but in supposing the slide would last all the way down the table. agen judi online

Sam Allardyce was brought in to stop that happening but Rooney's renaissance started on day minus one of their new director's reign, with the soon to be declared successor to Koeman merely sitting in the rack since David Unsworth's team eventually came good on the occasion of David Moyes's return to Goodison with West Ham. The key then was playing Rooney somewhat deeper, so as to not keep running into Sigurdsson's space. Allardyce has ever been relaxed about Rooney's role in a group -- when he was England manager he told him he could play where he enjoyed -- and though both ended up severing their England relations earlier than anticipated it might be that a club reunion suits each of them perfectly.

Allardyce plans to utilize Rooney sparingly and give him as much rest as possible while making a point of picking him for large games. In his pomp, Rooney was occasionally sidelined at United under Sir Alex Ferguson, which was something, before Louis van Gaal and José Mourinho tired of working out the way to best fit him into a side and began leaving him on the seat as a matter of routine. "In his last years at Manchester United that he was not playing, and you could tell he wanted to play," Allardyce said, which makes it sound like he may have made a bid for the player himself if Koeman hadn't got there first.

That is where Allardyce comes in, obviously. In his time at Bolton, he chose for himself by prolonging the careers of many leading internationals whose best times looked behind them, from Youri Djorkaeff to Jay-Jay Okocha. For all his obvious fondness for long balls and straightforward soccer, Allardyce has always been an admirer of talented players that take care of themselves and take their football seriously, and he appears to see Rooney as the most recent of the strain. "He's a real professional, great to work with," that the Everton manager said. "You just have to tell him something once and he has it.

Rooney is most likely thinking the same if he's granted a permit to fall back and play through midfield. This never really worked at United, who had more accomplished midfielders and generally wanted the ball to be moved ahead more quickly, but at Everton, he could perform a type of hybrid role. He usually likes to run from around halfway, occasionally dropping even deeper in search of the ball -- from where his passing skill comes into play -- but he could also bring his sense of time to keep in getting forward to encourage and occasionally finish attacks.

His goal tally up to now, better than those of Álvaro Morata and Alexandre Lacazette, proves he's not lost his eye for an opening. Although the goal he scored to pinch off a point Liverpool in this month's derby was a punishment, the chance was put up by Rooney's own hunting pass by the right wing to Dominic Calvert-Lewin at the region, where the young center-forward left a sufficient nuisance of himself for Dejan Lovren to foul him. Allardyce can take some credit for that, though in fact, the revival appeared to be just getting underway when he came. Rooney can take plenty of credit for that, and there are indications he's starting to forge a successful partnership with Sigurdsson, as may be expected of two senior players with sublime skills and tons of experience. Sigurdsson has clarified it took him some time to get up to speed at Everton; the transfer wrangle disrupted his pre-season and, when he finally arrived at his new team, it was to locate them in bad form in the midst of a run of demanding fittings. Something similar could possibly be said of Rooney, who's also at a new club after all, even though rejoining Everton felt like coming home.


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