What Is An Escorts Fantasy

One of my clients asked me if I have any plans for the future. The truth is that I have no plans at all for what I would like to do when I leave London escorts. I know that I should have but I have never really got around to thinking about it. I have been with London escorts for eight years now, and I need to make some future career plans. Most girls work for a London escorts service for about ten years or so, and then they move on.

Even though I don’t have any concrete plans, I do have some dream and fantasies what life could be like when I finally leave London escorts. Many experienced London escorts go on to work as escorts in other parts of the world. A gentleman who flies into from Dubai to do business in London would like me to become his personal mistress. He is a very rich Arab gentleman and would like to set me up in a luxury home in Dubai. That sounds pretty good to me and I would like that for a little while.

But, I don’t think that I would like to be his mistress for too long. I also date this rather rich American guy. He comes into town a couple of times per year. Every time that I see him, he tries to persuade me to leave charlotte escorts and move to the US with him. However i love charlotte escorts and there are things i’m not sure about his life.I know that he is married so I guess that I would end up being his mistress. I have actually always fancied living in the United States and I guess it is a good option for me. At least it is a rather similar culture to the English one and I think that I may enjoy it for a few years. Would I marry an American? Well, I do actually think that I would like that.

I also date an Australian pilot who flies into London a couple of times per month. He is not married but I do think that he is bisexual. He says he would love for me to come out to Australia. Sure, it would be fun, but I am not really that keen on having a relationship with a guy who is bisexual. A couple of the girls from another London escorts service have had long term relationship with bisexual men. But in the end, they have always fallen apart. I think that it can be very challenging to be in a relationship with a bisexual person.

When I stop and think about it, I have so many dreams and fantasies that I would like to fulfill. Which one is right for me? I am not sure. I have done well at charlotte escorts and I guess that I would not have to have a man in my life at all. The problem is that I really love men and I don’t think that I would be able to live without the company of a man. How many women say that these days? I am aware that an increasing number of girls envisage themselves without a man but I don’t think that is me. I would just hate to live without male company