Different Services a Professional Escort Can Provide

A professional escort is a person who works by accompanying clients to various places for entertainment purposes. This is normally a paid for service that depends on the needs of the clients. Most escorts prefer to operate through escort agencies that normally look for clients for either an in-call or outcall service. There are a number of services that are offered by escorts depending on the payment made by clients. These services include:


Most people who hire professional escorts do so for primarily the more traditional reason for getting company. This normally entails a listening ear or a plus one for an event in order to avoid loneliness. This was the major reason why escort services were developed in the first place as most people wanted to enjoy the company or have a date with a sense of class and luxury. This was especially for the wealthy who prefer to have a private life as escorts offer more privacy.

Private Body Massages

After a long day of work, most people will do well with a massage. Some prefer more privacy and intimacy in body massages which is why they opt for professional escorts. Most escorts from adult escort agencies are normally trained on how to perform sensual massages for clients. This is normally charged more than the rest of the services as it’s normally erotic in nature.

Sexual Service

Today, escort services have changed from the traditional form. Before, escorts were hired primarily for companionship. Nowadays people hire escorts for sexual encounters too. Hiring an escort to fulfill your sexual fantasies and desires is viewed in a much better way than hiring a prostitute. Escorts give a certain level of sophistication and class that most wealthy people are after. The level of privacy included is also highly appealing to clients.

Traveling Company

This mostly falls under the companionship bracket. However, most escorts are the ones you hire in the town you are in at a particular time. However, some may also offer the service of traveling with you in case you have some adventure or escapade you’ve been planning for a while but don’t have someone to take. This also includes sex as part of the package or whatever else you’ve both agreed upon.

When it comes to enlisting the services of professional escorts, it is highly advisable to opt for the escort agencies that are registered and common in your area. This reduces the chance of risks associated with hiring escorts such as awkward confrontations. It is also important to make sure you meet the requirements of the agency before you meet up with the escort.

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